The date was 31.12.2022. The location was the house me and my wife had lived in for last 10 years. The topic was “what do we want to accomplish for 2023?”.

It was almost morning the next day when we went to bed. Both pleased with the discussion and the outcome of it. I remember waking up thinking “do we really want to do this?”.

As my wife joined me for a morning coffee, it seemed she thought the same.

“Are we doing this?”.

Fast forward to January 2024 and we have packed or gotten rid of most of the things in our house.

I think back to that last night of 2022, when my wife asked me what I thought of moving to a new place, “in the future”. “I’ve thought about that for a long time” I replied.

I did not expect to be where we are now, moving into a new house in around six weeks time. But I’m very happy that we are.