I used to program in Ruby a lot 10 to 15 years ago. The last couple of years it has become less so.

It’s a language I really like, so yesterday I picked up the latest version of the Pickaxe Book.

Time to figure out what has changed since 2016. 📚

The fact that Netflix is not part of the TV app on Apple TV, made me forget Netflix in the end.

Some months later I did not renew Netflix.

It’s been months now and I haven’t really missed it. And that’s the power of the TV app. 📺

It occurred to me the other day that I hardly ever buy a license for software anymore. It’s all become subscriptions.

Just one good old license so far in 2022. 💾

The Figure HTML element.

The figure HTML element represents self-contained content, potentially with an optional caption.

Source: MDN

I’m so happy that Halloween is becoming more and more accepted in Norway.

Even in the office more and more get dressed up for the occasion.


I’ve finally got around to play some Splatoon 3 rounds in this latest splat fest.

Like it’s predecessors it’s a fun game.

But you still can’t skip the level announcement. 🤬


Watching my kids be so enthusiastic about customizing their Lock Screen in iOS 16, makes me think that Apple made the right choice to focus on it.

I’m loving seeing pictures of my wife and kids there.

After two wonderful days in Stockholm attending Svelte Summit Fall 2022, I’m now heading back home.

An event filled with great talks and even greater people. Inspiring the whole community to make something new.

Bonus: Meeting people I’ve only known from Discord.

Hi! 👋