Easier one today:

Wordle 209:


Today was a tough one for me.

Wordle 208:


A recent podcast I discovered was A11y Rules Soundbite.

It’s a series of short episodes where disabled people talk about the issues they encounter online.

As a team lead working exclusively with web accessibility this was really interesting. And really good.

Listening to the 2021 Upgradies episode I notice that all of Jason’s best books for 2021 are in my backlog. Pretty sure that’s because of an Incomparable episode or two.

So let me go grab the first book of 2022. 📚

I’m so glad I bought the iphone 13 mini earlier this year.

This size is so much better. Even if the camera is better on the pro models.

I think I might even prefer it to be smaller.

I recently discovered Death’s Door was out for Switch. It looked cool and I bought it.

I’m only 2 hours in, but I’m enjoying this game a lot. Definitely one I’ll have to finish.


Yesterday morning and this morning we have started the day by watching Ponyo and Totoro respectively.

Just me and my youngest daughter.

Studio Ghibli movies are pure magic and I just love mornings like these.