My youngest decided to not sleep last night. It was not something me and my wife appreciated.

I’m now on my third cup of coffee, of what will surely be a long day.


For the second time this year the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night. 🤬

It’s clear we have to replace the detectors we have, but researching this takes time. Time I’d like to spend on something else. 🤷‍♂️

Find My

My daughter lost her Apple Watch on her way home from school today.

Minutes later I was using Find My to locate the Watch and saw that it was on the move with almost no battery left.

A ten minute walk from the house was the last location Find My would show me.

I was afraid of calling the watch and using up the battery. But after several minutes of not finding it at the last position, I took a chance and called it.

Luckily someone answered and told me where to pick it up. 10 minutes later I was back home and the watch returned to my daughter.

I really like Find My.

Nothing like having other developers use the component I’ve created to see all the flaws that needs fixing.

I’m currently creating a new responsive menu for the product I’m working on.

And it would be so much harder to do so if I didn’t have Polypane, “the browser for ambitious web developers”.

A big thank you to Kilian for creating it.

Vacation is over and I’m on my way to the office.

As usual, it feels like I need a vacation after this vacation.

On a train going 250 km/h, while having a fast internet connection is as close to sci-fi I can think of.

🚄 🇮🇹