Just when to the movies with the kids. Always fun.

Coming out they ask if we can go to the Apple store now.

I might be a bad influence on them. 😎

Today she is four years old.

Convinced she can manage do to everything, so sure of herself.

I hope she never loose it. ❤️

My son tried Hot Lava from Apple Arcade the other day. He’s really into it. And I have to say, it’s fun to watch as well.

With so many games in the lineup, I think my kids will be entertained well beyond the first month.


There is one aspect of iOS 13 I haven’t seen discussed much. And that is the update that Apple Books received.

It now has Reading Goals.

You can add both daily and yearly goals.

One of my goals for 2019 was reading more. So this is a nice addition.

After watching the Apple event today, as always, the Apple Watch is what I’m most exited about.

I’m also sure I’ll subscribe to Apple Arcade, despite the so-so demos today.

As soon as Apple TV+ is available here in Norway, I’ll get that too. I want that alt-history space race!

It’s Election Day in Norway.

As we always do we went with the kids to vote. Trying to ask all the questions that inevitably comes up. 🗳