Next WWDC session is Craft search experiences in SwiftUI.

Adding searchable modifiers to a navigationView to add search looks really convenient. I like how it translates well across platforms. And with search suggestions in the mix as well, this looks like a good start.


I use my Apple Watch a lot. So I was very interested to see What’s new in watchOS 8.

The most exiting thing for me are the new APIs for the Always-On Retina display. I think this can improve the always-on experience a lot.

And good too see improvements to accessibility.


I’ve started watching some of the session videos out of WWDC.

First out, Meet TestFlight on Mac.

Not a very exiting session, since it was exactly as expected. But nice that it’s finally arriving on the Mac. 😃


Finished reading: Penric’s Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold 📚

This was a short, fun little book that made me buy the next in the series at once. We meet Penric, who one day takes possession of a demon and has to figure out what his life has now become.

So, how do you scare three boys on sleepover playing Fortnite downstairs?

“Be quiet or I’ll turn off the WiFi!” - Tired dad.

Not my proudest moment, but it worked.

I have a 500/500 connection at home.

There was no competition at the time if I wanted 50+ speeds, so even if I didn’t like the ISP, I picked it.

Today my ISP just offered up 600/600 for free. 🤔

I’m guessing I will have more options soon. 😉

So my son got very excited when he discovered that our new tv has a web browser.

“Now I can play my maths game on the TV!”

We might have raised a nerd… 🤘

The news that I’ve feared for some time was announced today.

The Beyond the Gates festival has been postponed to 2022.

Not surprising given the current situation, but damn it would be fun with a festival in August.

As I’m watching the crew arrive at ISS live on YouTube, I tell my son how cool it is that we can watch this live.

“Sure, it’s cool and all, but I’m playing online with my friends. That’s cool!.”