I was not able to wait. I watched the two first episodes of The Mandalorian.

It is good and I want more!


Just finished watching the first season of Counterpart.

Such a great show.

And now, since I’m binging after it’s been released, I can start watching season two. 📺

So last night I finally got the chance to watch the first episode of Watchmen.

I really liked the episode, and it went straight to the top of my viewing list. 📺

Back in September I was lucky enough that I got to see a talk by the brilliant Léonie Watson at Finch Conf in Edinburgh. Without a doubt the most interesting talk of many interesting talks.

She’s a blind developer and Smashing TV shared earlier how she uses a screen reader.

In a recent debate at work regarding underlined links, I pulled up the following quote:

Underline your fucking links you sociopaths. - Heydon Pickering

I agree 100%.

Just when to the movies with the kids. Always fun.

Coming out they ask if we can go to the Apple store now.

I might be a bad influence on them. 😎

Today she is four years old.

Convinced she can manage do to everything, so sure of herself.

I hope she never loose it. ❤️

My son tried Hot Lava from Apple Arcade the other day. He’s really into it. And I have to say, it’s fun to watch as well.

With so many games in the lineup, I think my kids will be entertained well beyond the first month.