Friday afternoon my wife got home from work and were told the main water pipe to our area was damaged. And the earliest they could start repairs would be Monday.

For two days now we have been without any running water. Who knew I would miss it so much so fast. 💦

So once again I find myself going through my list of unfinished games thinking I should finish more of them.

There are always some more moons to be found in Super Mario Odyssey I guess.😎


Yesterday 44 people in my department were told they wouldn’t have a job there anymore. Most of them were contractors, and as a former contractor I know this is part of the job.

It still sucks though.

Peter-Paul Koch of QuirksBlog fame believe we should state that CSS4 is here!

He argues that it would be a benefit to the community. And I think he might be right.

Will be interesting to watch it unfold.

Marco Arment argues that we need a Low Power Mode for Mac laptops.

Mac laptops need Low Power Mode, too. I believe so strongly in its potential because I’ve been using it on my laptops (in a way) for years, and it’s fantastic.

Longer battery life? Yes please.

Yesterday evening I felt that I would wake up sick today. As I recently got back into filling my rings on Apple Watch again, my first thought was how was I ever going to fill that exercise ring?

Today I have not felt well, and wishing I could get a sick day on my Apple Watch.

Maybe for WatchOS 7?⌚️

Just helped my son beat Ganon in Breath of the Wild.

He’s spent around 200 hours playing the game, about the same as me I guess.

Such an amazing game this is. How can the sequel ever live up to this? 🎮

I was never a classic Mac OS user. I used it for a couple of months in 97 before switching to Linux.

John Siracusa has created the app Front and Center to replicate the window management of classic Mac OS. And I’m intrigued by the behavior he describes. I’ll give this a try.

Playing Super Mario Odyssey with my four year old is so much fun.

She’s using the Assist Mode and loves just running around in the world.

The new year is off to a good start.