I’ve finally got around to play some Splatoon 3 rounds in this latest splat fest.

Like it’s predecessors it’s a fun game.

But you still can’t skip the level announcement. 🤬


Watching my kids be so enthusiastic about customizing their Lock Screen in iOS 16, makes me think that Apple made the right choice to focus on it.

I’m loving seeing pictures of my wife and kids there.

After two wonderful days in Stockholm attending Svelte Summit Fall 2022, I’m now heading back home.

An event filled with great talks and even greater people. Inspiring the whole community to make something new.

Bonus: Meeting people I’ve only known from Discord.

Hi! 👋

18 years ago, I took my girlfriend out for breakfast. It was her birthday and I had a special day planned for her.

She’s now my wife and mother of my three kids. There are less time for these special days now.

But I still try to make it a good one.

Love you Kristi. ❤️

WWDC projects

As WWDC approaches, I’m once again reminded of all the apps I’ve started and abandoned.

It’s so easy to be inspired by something new and click create new project. It’s exciting and you start to think of how you could use this in an app. You create more projects for different apps, and suddenly you’ve stopped working on it.

What will it be this year?

The final day of Premier League was football at its best.

The hope was lit after Villa had two goals and Man City had nil.

Liverpool won their game, but it wasn’t enough.

Still, great season by Liverpool and what a thrill this final game was.

And then we have Saturday… ⚽️

Today, 5 years ago, I posted my first post on my blog here at Micro.blog.

I’m so glad it’s still around.