What you don’t want to hear when your new purple iMac is supposed to be delivered the same day:

Shipment delayed in transit Recovery actions underway

My dad was an Iron Maiden fan

Almost 40 years ago my dad put on Iron Maiden and said “I think you’ll like this”.

He was right.

Me and my dad always talked music. Always. If I discovered a new band, song or album I would message him about it, if I thought he’d like it.

My dad passed away earlier this year. But I still pick up my phone to call or message him when I hear something new and cool. Every time!

And then I remember.

I know this will change. But not discussing a new Maiden album with him will be strange.


Fourteen years ago today she said “I do”.

Right about now we were calling our parents telling them we got married.

Such a fun day.

Iron Maiden - Senjutsu

The new Iron Maiden album Senjutsu will be released September 3rd.

Their 17th studio album is about 82 minutes long and has the following tracklisting:

  1. Senjutsu (Smith/Harris) 8:20
  2. Stratego (Gers/Harris) 4:59
  3. The Writing On The Wall (Smith/Dickinson) 6:13
  4. Lost In A Lost World (Harris) 9:31
  5. Days Of Future Past (Smith/Dickinson) 4:03
  6. The Time Machine (Gers/Harris) 7:09
  7. Darkest Hour (Smith/Dickinson) 7:20
  8. Death Of The Celts (Harris) 10:20
  9. The Parchment (Harris) 12:39
  10. Hell On Earth (Harris) 11:19

This will be an even harder wait than waiting for my new iMac. 🤘

We got back from vacation Saturday evening.
It was a great vacation, but also nonstop with no rest.

So yesterday me and my wife decided it was a rest day.

Which means today, it’s time to get back in the routine.

Iron Maiden - The Writing on the Wall

I’ve been a lifelong fan of Iron Maiden. Most days for almost forty years I’ve been listening to them. I never get tired of their songs.

So to say that it’s an event when they release a new song is an understatement.

The Writing on the Wall is another Dickinson/Smith collaboration. And the first impression of the song is that it does really sound like a Dickinson song with a brilliant Adrian solo in there.

A different style for sure. But I love it! The song has been bouncing around in my head all day.

I really like the song, but I like the video even more. An animated epic with a new Samurai Eddie!

There’s even a making of story for more info on the video.

This all makes me really excited for a new album. By many believed to be named Belshazzar’s feast after the invitation and the obvious reference to the “writing on the wall”.

Whatever it’s called, I’m so here for it.

Up the irons! 🤘

Last month I got a big birthday surprise. It seems my purple iMac wishes caught the attention of my family.

What a lovely surprise.

The waiting is hard though. 😎

Next WWDC session is Craft search experiences in SwiftUI.

Adding searchable modifiers to a navigationView to add search looks really convenient. I like how it translates well across platforms. And with search suggestions in the mix as well, this looks like a good start.


I use my Apple Watch a lot. So I was very interested to see What’s new in watchOS 8.

The most exiting thing for me are the new APIs for the Always-On Retina display. I think this can improve the always-on experience a lot.

And good too see improvements to accessibility.


I’ve started watching some of the session videos out of WWDC.

First out, Meet TestFlight on Mac.

Not a very exiting session, since it was exactly as expected. But nice that it’s finally arriving on the Mac. 😃


Finished reading: Penric’s Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold 📚

This was a short, fun little book that made me buy the next in the series at once. We meet Penric, who one day takes possession of a demon and has to figure out what his life has now become.