12 years ago today I was getting ready to say “I do” in Edinburgh, Scotland. 👰🤵

12 years later I’m making breakfast for three kids and my wife.

New life

I found an old unused iPad Mini the other day. I believe it’s the only non-retina device in the house.

Still, I immediately had the idea of making it into a “read-only device”, despite the screen.

So it’s now got Instapaper, Comixology and Marvel Unlimited installed. And along with iBooks that’s all the apps I plan to use on this device.

So far I’m really pleased with this setup. My own little device dedicated to reading.

So I went to replace the battery on an old iPhone today. 1 hour! Last I did this I was told 3-5 days.

The day is definitely improving!

I was working on my Swift UI app yesterday when I decided to take a brake and see Arrival.

What an amazing movie!

It’s exploration of languages, loss, love, humanity and time was simply remarkable.

Next up is reading Story of Your Life, the short story it was based on. 🍿


So for the second time this year I was back at the hospital this week. For months now I’ve been having brief periods of vertigo. Last week it became so bad it I was unable to be upright for a whole day.

After a visit to my doctor he had a suspicion that is was Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

I was sent to the hospital to rule out all the scary stuff and see if they could figure it out.

Many nauseating tests later, the doctors concluded that it was indeed BPPV.

Luckily it wasn’t anything dangerous, and it should be resolved in a couple of weeks.

But this whole incident reminded me again how happy I am to pay my taxes and have a well functioning health system.


I finished the game Inside yesterday on my Switch. I’ve had Inside for both PS4 and iOS for some time, but never ended up playing it. I now wish I’d played it before.

It’s a great platform-puzzle game, with striking visuals and a sense of danger I hardly get from games anymore. I was unable to put it down once I started playing.

So if you like platform games with a dark sci-fi tone, this is the game for you.

Most days friends of the kids ends up eating dinner here. So we usually plan for some extra.

Today I forgot, so I better go make an extra pizza. 🍕