Our UI library at work is built on @sveltejs.

During a presentation of the latest version someone asked to see an audit in Lighthouse.

My colleague had created a new page using our tools and ran the mobile fast 3g audit.

Results: 99, 100 and 100.

I ❤️ @sveltejs.

Post Apple event feeling: I think I need that big iPad Pro in my life. But will have to see them for myself first.

Accessible code?

Brad Frost comments on the accessibility team lead of WordPress resigning

I’m in charge of a11y at work. I always stress to other development teams that they need to test if their work is inclusive.

Some simple steps does it.

Before writing JavaScript for a component or a page, the markup needs to be valid semantic html.

Run tools like Axe. Does it pass?

Navigate using a keyboard.

Use the page using a screen reader.

This is a minimum a team should do before submitting the merge request.

Over time this has lead to better quality. But you need to constantly keep testing and focusing on it.

This is the AmpliFi HD. Earlier this year I bought this to improve my flaky WiFi.

I no longer have flaky WiFi. I have fast stable WiFi. I ❤️ fast and stable WiFi.

Also I bought 500/500 fiber today. Just days after I complained I couldn’t get it a new service arrived. 😃

Super fun evening at work today. A bunch of us got together and played Quake 3 in LAN. Must be at least 15 years since I last did that. 🎮

James Bond and a girl named Alma

Three years ago today, me and my wife were watching James Bond movies. The Daniel Craig ones. It was just us in the house, my in-laws had picked up the kids in the afternoon.

It was still twelve hours until Alma were born.

We had finished Casino Royal and were starting to watch Quantum of Solace when my wife said she weren’t able to follow along anymore.

After a long night and a couple of hours at the hospital Alma was born.❤️

I don’t think my wife will ever watch those movies again.

Disappointed that there will be no cellular option for the watch in Norway. But I’ll get the series 4 nevertheless. Most likely I’ll buy the iPhone XS as well, but bloody hell it’s expensive.

As it looks now I won’t be able to watch the “Gather Round” event live tonight.

It might be the first event I’m not following live (in some capacity) in something like ten years.

I’m most exited about the new Apple Watch, but I’ll still buy the new iPhone X. 😎