Asko writes:

“I don’t want to learn nor use a million different tools. I don’t want to know a bit about everything and a lot about nothing.”

Has frontend become much more complex the last couple of years? Absolutely!

My dad died on Thursday. He was found dead in his bed at the hospital.

He’d been sick for a long time, with cancer, but he had beaten every prognosis many times. Not anymore.

My dad was a good dad.

My son (8) had a widget showing a single number on his iPhone.

I asked what it was.

“It’s the number of days until Trump is gone.”

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Will of the Wisps features on many best of year lists for Switch in 2020. Having not played the first game in the series, that’s where I started.

I remember buying Ori and the Blind Forest at launch, but never playing it.

An hour into the game, I’m mad at myself for not starting this Metroidvania game sooner.

This game looks and feels great!

I’ve never had less time to play games than in 2020, but I have to find time to play this. It’s so much fun.


Today is ARM Mac 💻 day!

Even though Apple events have changed a lot this year, it’s still fun to watch. 

That so many millions of Americans would vote for a white supremacists supporter, is quite frankly puzzling to me.

They want to reelect a man that put children in cages.


How can people support a piece of shit like that?

Finally got the possibility to subscribe to Apple One.

I was already paying for all the services in the bundle, and this way I save a small amount every month.

I can still remember when Bush was elected president in 2000 and we asked “how could USA stoop so low?”.

In 2016 we got our answers.

With Biden looking likely to win the 2020 election, I’m hopeful.

Please don’t disapoint me.

The results this morning was not what I would call good news.

As the day has progressed, there seems to be some hope for a Biden victory still. But Trump got far too many votes.

We are near to the end of the election, but it still feels far away from a new direction for the US.

I’m currently making a UI component using Canvas.

Never worked much with Canvas before, but it’s really fun exploring.

Like noticing there’s a built-in function doing the same as the custom one I wrote. 🙃

Guess I need to concentrate more.

So Microblogvember is back.

Right now I can’t even remember if I took part in the first one, but this one starts with the word “dreary”.

The dictionary told me that _dreary_means “depressingly dull and bleak or repetitive”.

Luckily, not much in my life fits that description.