Iron Maiden - The Writing on the Wall

I’ve been a lifelong fan of Iron Maiden. Most days for almost forty years I’ve been listening to them. I never get tired of their songs.

So to say that it’s an event when they release a new song is an understatement.

The Writing on the Wall is another Dickinson/Smith collaboration. And the first impression of the song is that it does really sound like a Dickinson song with a brilliant Adrian solo in there.

A different style for sure. But I love it! The song has been bouncing around in my head all day.

I really like the song, but I like the video even more. An animated epic with a new Samurai Eddie!

There’s even a making of story for more info on the video.

This all makes me really excited for a new album. By many believed to be named Belshazzar’s feast after the invitation and the obvious reference to the “writing on the wall”.

Whatever it’s called, I’m so here for it.

Up the irons! 🤘