A visit to the children’s hospital

Back in June I had to take my oldest to a routine heart check at the children’s hospital.

During the checkup the doctor asked my daughter if we had any plans for summer vacation.

She told him that we were going to amusement parks and water parks in Norway and Denmark. The doctor replied that this sounded like a great vacation.

“Everything is fine!” the doctor said after a while and I was relieved. Even if it was routine.

The the doctor asked my daughter if she could wait outside. Now I got worried.

As he turned to me he looked like he was about to cry. I panicked. Has her medication damaged her heart?

The he said: “Thank you!”

I was completely taken aback.

“You won’t believe the things I’ve seen! I needed to see a parent that cared about their kids again. Thank you.”

And with that he said goodbye and hoped we had a nice vacation.

I’ve thought a lot about that doctor this summer.